about ccci

Brief History Of The Charismatic Christian Center International Ministries (CCCI)

The CCCI was founded by Drs. Roger & Josefina Cruz on April 7, 1978. It’s ministry began in their house basement located at 5925 North Sacramento Avenue Chicago Illinois and was first known as the Charismatic Prayer Tower. In 1980, the Charismatic Prayer Tower was officially registered as the CCCI in the Securities and Exchange Commission in Springfield, Illinois.

In 1986 the church acquired its first building (formerly known as Chicago Bible School) located at 1043 West School Street Chicago Illinois. The Church stayed there until 1993. God blessed the church with many multimedia ministries reaching out to all of Chicago, Indiana, Wisconsin and the Philippines. In 1993, the CCCI sold the building in order to purchase a lot in Bulacan Phil. and established a school and church ministry there. For the last seventeen years the church has been holding the church services in hotels and community centers.

In October 2010 the CCCI purchased its second building located at 3655 North Pacific Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60634.

The church offers Sunday Schools & Services, Bible studies on Wednesday & Saturday evenings & Leaders Bible Study being held on Friday evenings.

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